Organizational resilience: state of the art and new future cyber inquiries

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Contemporary societies, and the organizational systems on which they rely, are increasingly exposed to unexpected disruptive events, such as the recent health or geo-political crises. Organizations therefore need a certain level of Organizational Resilience (OR). Since OR is a multifaceted concept, a first aim of this article is to find a trait d’union among many studies and conceptualizations of OR, stimulating academic debate, critical thinking, and further research. An additional goal is to propose a specific direction for future research leading to a better understanding of the characteristics that make organizations more resilient to an increasing relevant adverse phenomenon, namely cybersecurity and related cyberattacks. The authors develop a systematic literature review about the concept of OR in the Management and Organization science fields. A second facet is the authors’ proposed three-stage conceptual framework of OR, which is consistent with the relevant ideas emerging from the systematic literature review. A third section focuses on the exploration of relationships between cybersecurity and organizational domains, going beyond a purely technical focus.

Results show that there is a need to address many unresolved research gaps, and to systematize the fragmentation of current Organization and Management research. It is clear that many critical areas still lack a solid and more comprehensive operationalization of OR, including cyber OR.