Impresa Progetto ad AIDEA 2019

In occasione del Convegno AIDEA di Torino, Impresa Progetto promuove un incontro tra Gianfranco Rusconi e quanti interessati al tema "Etica e business: un ponte tra stakeholder theori(es) e teoria dei sistemi aziendali".
L'incontro avrà luogo giovedì 12 settembre 2019 dalle ore 11.00 alle 12.00,
L'idea è quella di prendere spunto da un recente paper di Rusconi stesso - (2019) "Ethical Firm System and Stakeholder Management Theories: A Possible Convergence", European Management Review, 16 (1), 147-166 - per uno scambio di idee, in vista anche di un'eventuale raccolta di contributi da far confluire in uno Special Issue della Rivista.


Duferco Italia Holding is part of Duferco Group. The group activities are located in 50 countries and has more than 3000 employees. As a truly global company, the Group operates in the fields of production, trading and distribution of steel and raw materials as well as energy, environment, shipping and logistics. The president of Duferco Italia – a sponsor of Impresa Progetto since its foundation – is professor Antonio Gozzi.

Banca Carige Group has five hundred years of tradition and is one of the leading Italian banking groups, with 610 branch offices all across the nation and more than 2 million clients. It has always been oriented towards families, professionals and small and medium enterprises, showing great attention to social and cultural initiatives.

Sogegross Group is an important player in the field of large-scale retailing in Italy, based in Genoa. The company has an internship program for the students of the Department of Economics and Business Studies and has already sponsored the activities of Impresa Progetto.