"I fini e la natura dell’impresa: una frontiera in divenire" - webinar del 20 maggio 2021

Il webinar di giovedì 20 maggio 2021 su "I fini e la natura dell’impresa: una frontiera in divenire", organizzato da Impresa Progetto con il patrocinio del Dipartimento di Economia dell’Università di Genova ed in collaborazione con ETIClab e UCID Liguria, ha permesso di verificare alla luce di alcune significative esperienze aziendali, baricentrate prevalentemente ma non esclusivamente in ambito ligure, le indicazioni emerse nello Special Issue pubblicato sul n.3/2020 della Rivista.

Il webinar è visibile integralmente qui, mentre una "guida alla visione" è disponibile qui.

Soft skills in university education: a real experience. “Behave yourself!” Soft Skills Development Student Program at the Department of Economics and Business Studies, University of Genoa

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Soft skills are getting more and more important in companies’ talent supply rush. Increasing global competition, growing digitalization, fast developing technologies, are just some of the reasons why the labour market strives for employees possessing and showing that special “alchemy” of social and communication competencies, personality traits somehow, and emotional intelligence. Though highly regarded, soft skills seem to be a long way from a clear-cut arrangement, and the same applies for their learning and development. University courses rarely provide soft skills devoted programs, while the business world would claim for fully equipped newly hired graduates, thus highlighting a potential gap to fill.

On this basis, the Department of Economics and Business Studies (DIEC) of University of Genoa gave life to two Soft Skills Development Student Programs (Soft Skills Development I and II) in 2019. Both programs are provided in the present academic year as well. The paper provides a fast overview of cognitive and motivational frameworks for soft skills learning and development. Then it describes the DIEC experience with the “Behave Yourself!” Program, in terms of methodology, contents, and process. Finally, it summarises main achievements and the ongoing improvement process.