Growing brand ambassadors: The role of affective commitment, person-organization fit and networking behaviors in the context of Alumni networks

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Informal and intra-organizational social gatherings can be occasions for individuals to positively talk about their organization and engage in employer branding activities. Relevant to this scenario is the attitude of individuals to networking, as well as the fit that they perceive to their organization. However, the literature misses considering a relatively new, while relevant, HR practice able to influence employer branding: the Alumni network. In this study, we look at individual-level antecedents of organization employer branding by considering intra-organizational networking behaviors, as well as the perceived fit with the organization. Moreover, we theorize the role of affective organizational commitment as a mediator of these main relations. Using a quantitative methodology, we analyze the data collected on a sample of 138 employees working in two knowledge-intensive firms, representing contexts of the potential implementation of Alumni networks. Results, implications for management, and limitations are discussed.