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Impresa Progetto - Electronic Journal of Management (IPEJM) is an academic online Journal that has been issued twice a year. Founded in 2004, it  has been accredited by the Italian Academy of Business Studies (AIDEA).

IPEJM aims to present and disseminate cutting-edge findings from research studies conducted by Italian and international scholars and researchers in economics and business studies. IPEJM is particularly devoted to providing young researchers and PhD students with the opportunity to circulate their research findings and improve their visibility within the scientific community.

IPEJM welcomes contributions by scholars and researchers from diverse scientific fields interested in Management issues. The Journal is also eager to accept contributions by entrepreneurs, managers, consultants and other practitioners.

The Journal publishes papers in English and in Italian.

Each issue is introduced by an Editorial,  written usually either by the Editor in Chief or an invited scholar who is the editor of a special  issue. It is divided into two  main sections,

  • Essays. This includes original and unpublished articles resulting from ground-breaking research on specific topics aiming at providing significant contributions to the advancement of scientific knowledge. As from issue 1/2010, all submissions are subject to double blind refereeing in compliance with the "Guidelines for Contributors” (page the Guidelines for Contributors).
  • Contributions and working papers. Working papers contain preliminary research, analysis and findings that will be further developed. Contributions are circulated in the Journal to stimulate discussion and critical feedback and boost lively cultural debates. They may be comments on previously published articles in IPEJM; opinions and views expressed in forum debates promoted by the Journal; and specially commissioned articles on widely debated issues by scholars, experts and managers. The Journal deliberately seeks to be open to opinions, views, provocative ideas and discussions in need of further scientific research, especially those that may lead to new approaches. Contributions and working papers are refereed by the Editor and the Executive Board. Should the Editor and the Editorial Board find the contributions and working papers of particular interest, they may call for double blind refereeing; in such cases, this will be reported on the first page of the article.

All published contributions can be downloaded in a full-text pdf version for easy reading and printing.

All issues can be found in the “Archive” section.

In addition to the main sections, updated with every new issue, the Journal also has other more frequently updated sections.

  • Interviews. This section contains  interviews with  leading figures, either Italian or international, in the field of economics or business studies or in management practices.
  • News Books, recently published articles and reports are presented in a brief review, together with short reports on the outcomes of conferences. Links to databanks and other online resources can also be found in this section.
  • Book reviews. Extensive critical analyses of both classics or contemporary works.

Since 2004, IPEJM has been classified according to the following codes:

  • ISSN 1824-3576
  • CINECA code E187020
  • CNR code PT02495264

Impresa Progetto - Electronic Journal of Management is registered in Italy (No. 11/2004, May 31, 2004. Registered office: Registro delle Stampe Periodiche del Tribunale di Genova). All works published on the online Journal are publications eligible to be presented for academic performance appraisals. The managing editor is Roberta Glorio, a journalist and lecturer at the University of Genoa.

IPEJM in indexed in Google Scholar.

Work is in progress to have the Journal and its contents classified through the DOI system.



The Journal has an Editor in Chief (Piermaria Ferrando, past full professor of Business Administration at the University of Genova), three Coeditors (Marco Frey, full professor of Management at Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna of Pisa; Gianfranco Rusconi, full professor of Business Administration at the University of Bergamo; Terry Torre, full professor of business organization at the University of Genova) and an Editor Emeritus,  Lorenzo Caselli, past editor and professor emeritus of Management and lecturer of Business Ethics at the University of Genova.  

The Executive Commitee sets the cultural and scientific mission of the Journal and helps to ensure that the main ideas and values of the Journal are reflected by every contributor. It considers a wide range of academic papers, research reports and reviews for publication. The Commitee is also in charge of designing each new issue, refereeing papers, and maintaining relationships with the Advisory Board.

The Editorial Commitee , whose  director is also part of the Editorial Board, sees that all contributions are published according to the Journal’s publication policy. It ensures proper communication between the Executive Committee and authors, takes care of the review process and the editing of the texts to be published online

The Advisory Board is made up of Italian and international scholars. It represents the rich network of relationships that the Journal aims to promote, both in Italy and abroad, presenting IPEJM as an opportunity for the circulation and sharing of ideas in the area of Management.

Executive Committee
Clara Benevolo, University of Genoa Giuseppe Bertoli, University of Brescia
Valter Cantino, University of Turin Lorenzo Caselli, Editor Emeritus, University of Genoa
Enrico Cori, Politecnic University of Marche Giorgio Donna,  University of Turin
Pier Maria Ferrando, Editor in Chief, University of Genoa Renato Fiocca, Catholic University, Milan
Marco Frey, Coeditor, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Pisa Giorgio Giorgetti, University of Genoa
Paola Paniccia, University of Rome "Tor Vergata" Gianfranco Rusconi, Coeditor, University of Bergamo
Riccardo Spinelli, Director of the Editorial Committee, University of Genoa Teresina Torre, Coeditor, University of Genoa
Editorial Committee
Riccardo Spinelli, Director, University of Genoa Simona Alfiero, University of Turin
Domenico Berdicchia, University of Ferrara Silvia Bruzzi, University of Genoa
Nicoletta Buratti, University of Genoa Gabriele D'Alauro, PhD in Public Management and Governance
Renata Paola Dameri, University of Genoa Roberto Garelli, University of Genoa
Angelo Gasparre, University of Genoa Lorenzo Mizzau, Responsible for the review processes, University of Genoa
Lara Penco, University of Genoa Giorgia Profumo, University of Genoa
Francesca Querci, University of Genoa Daria Sarti, University of Florence
Giovanni Satta, University of Genoa Roberta Scarsi, University of Genoa
Francesca Serravalle, University of Turin Francesco Vitellaro, University of Genoa
Advisory Board
Livia Ablonczyné Mihályka, Széchenyi István University - Gyor Adalberto Alberici, University of Milan
David Barnes, Westminster Business School, University of Westminster Joseph Christie, Loyola Institute for Business Administration - Chennai
Vittorio Coda, University of Milan "Bocconi" Gianni Cozzi, University of Genoa
Giancarlo Ferrero, University of  Urbino Joan Fontrodona, IESE Business School, University of Navarra
Fabio Fortuna, UNICUSANO on line University “Niccolò Cusano” Pietro Genco, University of Genoa
Giorgio Invernizzi, University of Milan "Bocconi" Riccardo Mercurio, University of Naples "Federico II"
Mario Molteni, Catholic University, Milan Giovanni Padroni, University of Pisa
Harald Pechlaner, Catholic University Eichstätt-Ingolstadt Cosetta Pepe, University of Rome "Tor Vergata"
Angelo Riccaboni, University of Siena Camille Rosenthal-Sabroux, University of Paris-Dauphine
Marcantonio Ruisi, University of Palermo Dario Velo, University of Pavia