The dynamics of digitizing the internal communication: the regulation process of mandated Enterprise Social Networking System (ESNS)

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In nowadays knowledge intensive organizations – like f.i. IT companies and consultancy firms knowledge sharing process and collaboration represent key success factors for competing in a dynamic business environment. In large organizations characterized by distributed settings, managers need to develop tools and technique that can allow employees and teams dispersed in different geographical area to collaborate and share data, information and knowledge in order to avoid reworks and inconsistencies among projects. The present research in progress paper aims to understand the mechanisms and the tension between the organization that mandates the use of certain technologies and the actors that are supposed to adopt it.  The preliminary findings show three different strategies put in place in order to align existing practices and the new logics introduced by the new tool: We have identified three strategies: 1) parallel use strategy; 2) overuse strategy; 3) and tolerant strategy.