Il significato del job crafting nell’organizzazione del lavoro: Inquadramento teorico, tendenze evolutive e prospettive manageriali

On issue: 

Job crafting captures “the physical and cognitive changes individuals make in the task or relational boundaries of their work” (Wrzesniewski & Dutton, 2001: 179). In this study we aim to provide a knowledge base on job crafting, by defining the main theories and by offering a future perspective for research on this topic. More specifically, we define the concept of job crafting according to the original job identity model and, subsequently, we analyze the main lines of research born in the last years; still, after a focus on job crafting measurement techniques, we aim to summarize and organize the main antecedents and outcomes of job crafting. Finally, our goal is to provide managerial implications and future perspectives for new studies on the subject.