Risorse immateriali e creazione di valore nell'offerta formativa post lauream dell'Università

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Accounting and Business Adm.

In this paper the innovation in the study programmes delivered in the Italian Universities is discussed, with specific reference to post lauream programmes. The discussion is developed in the light of the case of the Centre of Permanent Education of Genoa University – PerForm. The remarks and considerations here presented come from story, activity and esperience of this Centre; anyway they are widely generalizable. First of all the main drivers of the new role of Universities in delivering post lauream programmes are considered. Secondly business model and management guide lines characteristic of PerForm are focused. Thirdly delivering post lauream programmes by the University is considered as a cognitive process, that both uses and produces intangibles resources. In this light are then discussed the Intellectual Capital, the managing and organizational models, the logic and cultural frameworks the Universities could take advantage from to be successful delivering post lauream programmes.