Organizational justice e valore condiviso

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According to shared value theory, firms can boost their economic performance by integrating CSR elements in their competitive strategy, satisfying both shareholders’ and stakeholders’ interests at the same time. However, this win-win relationship’s firmness is still unclear. In this article, we argue that human resources management represents a field where this link is steady and systematic, for treating employees in a just way enhances individual and organizational performance. We illustrate how a fair treatment leads to the emergence of positive factors, such as trust, engagement, commitment; and contrasts negative factors, such as turnover and deviance, which would lower organizational performance. Afterwards, we illustrate the human resources management policies through which firms can act on the antecedents of perceived justice, in order to stimulate such perceptions. Our conclusion is that a concern for justice both defends employees’ interests and enhances firm performance, leading to the creation of a shared value.