Organizing for What: Job Rotation as an Organizational Development Strategy or as an Organizational anti-Corruption Tool?

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The purpose of this article is to understand if Job Rotation (JR)/Organizational Development (OD)-oriented strategies are compatible with JR strategies to curb Organizational Corruption (OC), as these strategies seem to indicate an apparent contradiction. To this end, the paper is structured as follows. Firstly, the main points of JR-Theory in organizational studies are displayed. Subsequently, JR-Theory in organizational anti-corruption is more deeply explored. At the end of the review, the research question is proposed in the methodological section. The two sections after that are devoted to answering this question. The first of which examines the laws and documents of the National Anti-Corruption Agency (ANAC) on JR-based anti-corruption policies in Italian public administrations. In the second section, some cases reported in the ANAC documents are analyzed. The results seem to suggest we can positively answer the research question, even if further research is needed. The theoretical contributions, managerial implications, limitations and future research are highlighted in the last section.