Rethinking Standard Logistics Competencies for Managerial and Operational Positions in Maritime

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Compared to the traditional notion of logistics, a much more open and complex concept is rising in theory and practice, especially in the maritime sector. The complexity of the scenario makes us believe that standard skills to operate in logistics are a prerequisite but not sufficient. So, a revision and re-design of the standard competencies for both managerial and operational positions is needed. Aim of this paper is to start analysing logistics maritime competencies. The methodology is based on the comparison between the European Logistics Association (ELA) - one of the world most recognised and accepted standards of competence for logistics professionals - Qualification Framework (QF) and the needs expressed by Executives working for one of the top tier companies in the maritime shipping industry and three ports Authorities (two located in Italy and one in Spain).through interviews. Our conclusions show that most skills remain unaffected while some addition or cancellation changes should be made to the ELAQF in order to align it to the needs of the sector