Smart City: un confronto tra Italia e Cina

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The Smart City concept is a new way to think the city of future. Urbanization issues require solutions about environmental and socio-economic sustainability. In this scenario, Smart City could be the answer to local urbanization issues, thanks to the use of new technologies and an efficient natural resources management. Nevertheless, each territory carries out smart projects, actions and tools ad-hoc on the basis of its specific local issues. So, geographic aspect is substantial for Smart City implementation.

Therefore, the aim of this paper is to highlight similarities and dissimilarities between different Smart Cities, in different countries, especially in Italy and China. For these reasons, the paper is based on the one hand on a wide literature review about Smart City in order to explore its evolution and to identify its key elements; on the other hand is based on a deep empirical survey about Italian and Chinese Smart Cities to show and compare main common and different characteristics.

Finally, the research results show the taxonomy about similarities and dissimilarities of Italian and Chinese Smart Cities on the basis of identified Smart City key elements.