Impresa Progetto ad AIDEA 2019

In occasione del Convegno AIDEA di Torino, Impresa Progetto promuove un incontro tra Gianfranco Rusconi e quanti interessati al tema "Etica e business: un ponte tra stakeholder theori(es) e teoria dei sistemi aziendali".
L'incontro avrà luogo giovedì 12 settembre 2019 dalle ore 11.00 alle 12.00,
L'idea è quella di prendere spunto da un recente paper di Rusconi stesso - (2019) "Ethical Firm System and Stakeholder Management Theories: A Possible Convergence", European Management Review, 16 (1), 147-166 - per uno scambio di idee, in vista anche di un'eventuale raccolta di contributi da far confluire in uno Special Issue della Rivista.

Il sensemaking organizzativo e il comportamento delle persone. Una chiave di lettura

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Accounting and Business Adm.
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The organization software is the invisible dimension on which the organization functioning depends. It is the hidden side that gives birth to structures and technologies. For some time scholars have been studying it in the form of climate and culture.This article shows a key to interpretation of these phenomena based on the Karl Weick’s sensemaking theory and uses an analysis tool experienced on a over-100-organization sample.  The results of this analysis draw attention to the existing connections between some cultural patterns and the way people behave. Investigating these connections and the way they show up within the organizations represents the starting point for defining their health condition and the strength and weakness as well as for finding the more suitable management levers.