Limits of inclusion: multimodal action-nets and the challenge of communication technologies for disability

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This paper investigates the effects that the extensive use of communication technologies, fostered by the pandemic, has on organizational inclusion. It is an explorative study that offers theoretical reflections supported by analysis of interviews and journalistic reports of disabled people’s experience with communication technologies and assistive devices. We argue that such technology, although able to foster unexpected changes in work activities, is not inclusive in itself, as it can also produce errors, malfunctions, frustrations, misnarration. Therefore, we propose a relational approach that sees inclusion not in terms of the adoption of single accessibility devices, nor of specific policies in HR management, but rather as a dynamic process characterized by multimodal action-nets, composed of multiple socio-material agents and nodes, both human and non-human, and complex interdependencies between individuals, public and private organizations, technological artifacts, design, IT services and data processing, hiring policies, knowledge and narratives. Such an approach highlights the fruitful connection between inclusion and resilience.