Crises and digital changeover as a source of disruption for business: trends and perspectives in Top Management

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Economic and financial collapses, like 2008 Recession or current COVID-19 pandemic crisis, along with the ongoing digital transformation, constitute a significant source of disruption for business, representing a technological and cultural shift, and leading both, strategic and operational change. In the immediate post crisis, we have witnessed a spasmodic search for business solutions that appeared innovative in all sectors: new business models thus began to take hold. New models call new performance measurements: in the space of just few months of the recession start, indicators went from being centred on long term profitability to cash flow optimisation. In this context, more than ever before, companies need to integrated Information Systems capable of quick performance measuring. The CFO traditionally plays an increasing strategic role to create new business models. But even more prominent inside the C-Suite is the role of the CIO, today an Executive at the cutting edge of innovation and driver of business growth.