Empowering Technology Acceptance Through the Added Value of Urgency: Teaching Profession Smart-Working Case

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This research is based on the near future for pervasive technologies in social practices and work context, fixing its pillars on a controversial debate related to the innovation acceptance under the light of the 4th industrial revolution. The recent Covid-19 pandemic would shape the line of a new work environment, never experienced before with this wide spread: smart working. The authors would try to clarify at theoretical level the role of knowledge in innovation and evolution of civil society based on needs and problem-solving. The objective to shape a theoretical dorsal in which intersect empirical analysis (survey-based) on real smart-working experiences, would be strictly related to urgency conditions (as acceptance facilitator), due to the considerable one of the widest “social phenomenon” observable (Covid-19). In this sense, the authors make possible to investigate the relations between need, knowledge, urgency and smart-working acceptance among public sector teachers in Italy.