The E-Learning of entrepreneurial skills through Practice Management and MOOCs. Projects, Perceptions and Perspectives

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The paper presents the first results of some projects using learning by doing in the creation of start-ups through Practice Management by Simulimpresa. The purpose of these projects was to refine the teaching of entrepreneurial skills coupling the Practice Enterprise (PE) with MOOCs, Massive Open On line Courses. Both approaches can be included in the category of innovative teaching defined “Peer Learning” as an educational practice in which students interact to attain educational goals. In PE the challenge is to develop an enterprise start-up process. The theoretical framework is represented by connectivism and its implications with cognitivism and behaviourism. The empirical field consists in experiences realized in Erasmus Projects. The research was based on the perceptions by students in the acquisition of entrepreneurial competences and on the comparison among results obtained in main functional units. Main findings concern the improvement of the teaching approach in digital learning according to the learners’ functional destination.