The relationship between LMX and performance: the mediating role of role breadth self efficacy and crafting challenging job demands

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This paper explores the relationship between leader-member exchange (LMX), role breadth self-efficacy (RBSE), a specific job crafting behavior such as increasing challenging job demands (ICJD) and overall work performance (OP). Thanks to a three-path mediation model, we show that RBSE and ICJD mediate sequentially the relationship between LMX and OP. This result contributes to research on LMX by showing that its positive effect on work performance depends on its influence on both motivational and behavioral variables. It is also shown that the influence of self-efficacy on performance becomes significant only when it is translated into specific proactive behaviors. Finally, this paper also contributes to current job crafting literature by providing evidence about job crafting antecedents and outcomes.