La gestione strategica delle innovazioni biotecnolgiche: trade-off tra integrazioni aziendali e accordi interaziendali

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Accounting and Business Adm.

Aim of this paper is to discuss the issue of corporate structure and business models for managing new modular and complementary biotechnology innovations. Corporate structure and business models of Large Diversificated Firms (LDFs) and Dedicated Biotechnology Firms (DBFs), in fact, are at the core of scientific research and practice in the management field. We focus our attention on the trade-off between vertical integration and interfirms agreements aimed to control biotech innovation. A trade-off that is related to collaborations' content, business planning, investment constraints and intellectual capital. DBFs specific features will be presented as well as strategic options developed by operators. The contribution of Transaction Cost and Resource Based Views will be underlined and we therefore elaborate on fundamental variables for decision making and actual scenarios for development strategies combination. Data on US and European relational and integrative strategies trends in biotech industry will be presented in the conclusive section.