Persona, lavoro, cultura negli scenari "postmoderni” della complessità

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The complex systems unlike those "simple" for which a reductionist description is worth, ask for a systemic approach, as well as a new "common sense" consistent in the reading and understanding, in real time, of causes effects, interactions.

The logic of the complexity pushes toward the "exploitation" of all the human resources, both "inside" both "external", bringing the intellectual value of the people to synthesis.

More and more precise ethical codes are in demand from the society, personnel and stakeholders, becoming sensitive factors of competition. Such needs are sometimes born also from the necessity to strengthen the credibility of the organization.

Ethics and values, not only quantitative data, enter and are connected in a picture of "limited rationality" in which the situations require multiplicity of approaches and visions, complicated and tangled for a progressive heterogeneity.

The concept of ethics influence the organizational behaviour, and managerial roles. There is interaction among material aspects, spiritual, individual, social. The synthesis is in a cooperative synergy that allows a careful sustainable development, a correct pluralism. A theory also able to increase  the value for the shareholders.