Sul senso del lavoro: dall’economia del valore all’economia del bene

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Questioning the meaning of work as a human activity is questioning the human being as such. Considerations about creativity, innovation, leadership, organization and technology implicitly presuppose the question: what is the human being? Human beings are capable of transcendental intellectual relation. The good is the being in relation to the will, and the good is the cause of love. The unity of the different beings refers to the being subsistent by itself, the common good in the primary sense, which cannot be reduced to a value - that is, to something that can be only for some, to the exclusion of others -. Deepening the relationship of love to the common good leads toward the fullness of all things. Taking care of the whole considering the good and the concrete circumstances appears to characterize every human development, and thus to be the hermeneutic key to the meaning of work.