Le reti per l’innovazione in biotecnologia: dinamiche di sviluppo ed implicazioni strategiche

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Accounting and Business Adm.

This article examines business network configuration in biotechnology industry and the relationship with biotech innovation outputs. The topic of network configuration and network development can be analyzed from different research perspectives: anthropological, sociological, managerial. In the last decade, several researchers have investigated network development and technologies creation in high-tech industry, networking processes, integration process of internal R&D with external R&D and networking drivers.  Biotechnology industry is a locus of the research evidence; it is characterized by complementarities of innovation processes and modularity of technologies. In this sector the Dedicated Biotechnology Firms (DBFs) have implemented external linkages, equity and no-equity agreements, helping to innovation network configuration. According to network research, the paper analyzes the embeddness in biotech innovation network, strategic implications for biotech actors and provides an integrated model of variables in biotech network development.