La politica per la ricerca e l’innovazione in Piemonte: coordinare e coinvolgere. Un confronto con la Liguria.

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Industrial Economics

This paper follows our work, published on previous Impresa Progetto number, dedicated to ligurian regional innovation system. Paper’s objective is to analyse Piemonte region by the innovation perspective, outlining differences and similarities with the Ligurian case. Piemonte has been chosen as benchmark because of its good innovative performance as well as because of its political and administrative high commitment.
The aim of the author is to present a picture of the innovation system of Piemonte, adopting the same theoretical framework just utilised for the ligurian case so to facilitate the comparison between the two regions. Conscious of productive system deep differences between the two regions, our analysis will focus mainly on political interventions, different actor’s involvement and actor’s coordination degree.
Paper describes organizational and management frameworks in Piemonte and Liguria, updated with the last happening and news. On this basis some considerations regarding regional comparison and different political approach close the paper.