Dall’Europa dei progetti all’Unione Economica. Lo sviluppo della grande impresa europea di interesse generale

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Industrial Economics

In Europe, in the framework of the evolution in the public-private relationships, a series of enterprises and great innovative initiatives have been established in strategic sectors of the economy, where innovation and knowledge are concentrated, sustaining the European system's development and modernization.
Airbus, Galileo, Jet, Iter, the European projects in the aerospace industry represent initiatives of general interest, that have shown from time to time the capability to identify functional original entrepreneurial solutions to face the specific demands of the sector within which they have been developed; they have also been able to experiment with innovative forms of collaboration among private enterprises, public enterprises and States, to serve the development of the system.
They realize an industrial policy at European level, which has not been made explicit yet. These realizations as a whole have been called “Europe of the projects”; the same name shows a phenomenon in full evolution, which is destined to affect deeply the economy and social model that Europe is building.