Applicazioni delle tecnologie immersive nell’industria e Realtà Aumentata come innovazione di processo nella Logistica: stato dell’arte ed implicazioni manageriali

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The so-called "immersive technologies", with particular reference to Virtual Reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), can potentially play an interesting role in the field of managerial applications and production. Many successful cases exist, and these technologies can be applied to several activities of the supply chain. Nevertheless, a noticeable literature gap exists in management researches, whereas there many studies in the technological and IT fields exist. Hence, the present work aims to bridge the gap in the managerial context, by considering AR as a process innovation, rather than a product or a platform. After a first part, outlining the technologies under analysis and their current uses in the industrial, managerial and productive context, the work takes into analysis three directives in the logistics field, on which AR has possibilities of application: training, rationalization of operations in warehouse management, optimization of transports. Subsequently, it proposes a set of heuristics, partly addressed to management, partly to the usability and efficiency of processes, to assess the strategic aspects of RA in logistics. A qualitative case study is discussed, along with the proposed set. The study is carried out through an analysis of the literature, transversal to the technological, managerial and IT fields.