L'integrazione delle reti commerciali di banca e assicurazione: il caso Carige SpA

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This paper illustrates the strategy which Banca Carige SpA has managed, in order to integrate the commercial activity of its branches and insurance companies. This strategy is aimed at sharing a number of customers as high as possible, between the banking and insurance activities of the group. To this purpose, insurance agencies and bank branches cooperate, by pointing out potential customers to each other.
Our paper aims at verifying the success of Carige’s integration policies, as well as comparing the effectiveness of its distribution channels (bank branches and insurance agencies). We analyse performance indicators, which concern each step of the process going from the call of the customers to the final transaction.
The effectiveness of Carige’s integration policies strongly depends on the activity of customer calling, which should be strengthened above all in the assurbanking activity. The first call is also very important to make a screening of customers’ needs. Moreover, it is necessary that brokers and bank employees visit the interested customer in good time.