La selezione del partner nel franchising. L’esperienza dei franchisee in Piemonte e Lombardia

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This paper outlines a franchisees’ partner selection system that focuses the key role of the franchising formula for the national economy development. The research material comes from an exploratory study of forty-five franchisee companies operating in the North-west of Italy. The empirical evidences highlight the importance of strategic and operational aspects in the partner selection processes. The study reveals the importance of an in-depth evaluation of the franchising formula in order to assure business growth and to reduce operational risk. The research underlines two distinct partner selection approaches and these appear to be relevant in explaining satisfaction/dissatisfaction in the post-contractual stage. The article suggests to innovate franchisors’ recruitment policies and provides a specific framework for that as an effective way to sustain a vital business network, redesign the active employment policies in the labour market and support entrepreneurship in the service sector.