Call for Papers: Special Issue on "Digital learning and knowledge management"

Impresa Progetto - Electronic Journal of Management has planned a special issue on "Digital learning and knowledge management", edited by Mariacristina Bonti, Enrico Cori, Fabrizio Montanari and Teresina Torre.

We invite scholars to propose contributions on the following topics, but not limited to them:

  • adequacy of the current theories on knowledge and learning, in the light of digital transformation
  • impact of digital learning and knowledge on interpersonal relations in the workplace
  • impact of digital learning and knowledge management on the organizational boundaries
  • role of digital technologies in developing knowledge management capabilities
  • role of individual and organizational factors for effective knowledge transfer/sharing

Full paper submission is set for 15th April 2020 while the issue is expected to be published in May 2020.

All information are available here.

Comunicazione, processi decisionali strategici e marketing

On issue: 

Communication continues to be an increasingly strategic and pervasive component in the processes of governance and management at all levels of a company. This evolution has been made evident by the importance communication, particularly the communication function, has acquired or is acquiring inside the organisational structure of companies. Furthermore, this evolution has been made evident by the growth of the role that communication, especially that of communication professionals, plays within the strategic decisional processes of the executive committee and administrative management of a company. Lastly, this evolution has been made evident by the omnipresence of communication within specific company functions, such as marketing, especially with its most advanced and innovative forms and instruments.
The aim of this article is to bring attention to the evolution of the role of communication at the three levels of company administration and management, using both the results of the most recent international and national empirical research as well as the considerations emerging from a lively on-going debate in international publications, most markedly within the disciplines of public relations, marketing, organisation and management.