La finanza innovativa per le PMI. Un'indagine territoriale

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Industrial Economics

The article analyses the economic and structural background of small and medium-sized Ligurian enterprises (SMEs) (especially those of the province of Genoa, Italy), and the relationship between companies' size and their economic performance. It examines a business environment with a huge number of micro-enterprises, reluctant to join forces and give up their independence and small size; indeed, they prefer to grow in pool, through consortiums and other forms of partnerships.
The article focuses on different methods to finance SMEs, especially in relation to specific aspects of the local business scenario. It shows different ways to benefit from public aids, the possibility to resort to venture capital operations and to private equity funds; it also analyses the instruments of the recent Italian commercial law amendments; the role that "Confidi" can take in local business, even as a result of the new Basel Agreement's rules. Finally, the author examines the new organized market of capital exchanges, for small and medium-sized enterprises (MAC), a useful tool for local business, with several companies eager to grow and produce innovation, but far from meeting the requirements needed to be listed on the main Italian Stock Exchange market.