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"Skills and competences in maritime logistics: managerial and organizational emerging issues for human resources"

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"Studying organizations: identity, pluralism and change"

The proposal has a strong and direct connection with the annual Workshop of Researchers in the Organizational Field.

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La riforma del servizio idrico in Italia ed il problema della dimensione "ottimale" degli Ambiti Territoriali

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Industrial Economics

This paper analyses the reform of the Italian water sector, with particular attention to the assessment of scale economies at the ATO level. The ATOs are local areas defined by regional bodies, where the management of water services is unified. Even if this unification process already started in 1994 (Galli Law), it is still in progress and thus the analysis cannot be totally exhaustive at the moment. However, our study is based on the local plans (“Piani d'Ambito”, in the Italian definition, from now PA). The PA is an operational and strategic planning including economical and financial data, qualitative and quantitative elements, which provides the guidelines for the next 20 year (at least) of water service management. We have analysed 18 ATOs from different standpoints: direct analysis of the PA, cluster analysis of the ATOs, econometric analysis of the scale economies. The presence of relevant scale economies suggests that a reduction of local fragmentation could improve the service.