Strategia del mix degli strumenti di comunicazione: una "guide-line" per l'analisi delle variabili di scelta tra gli strumenti

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This paper introduces the communication plan in the picture of reference of the marketing plan, evidencing the positioning and the interactions with the other marketing strategies and policies. After to have characterized the importance of the strategic phases of the communication plan, the definition of the communication mix strategy is particularly considered: this includes the selection process of the communication instruments, between all those available ones, to use for a company in a specific context, the decision concerning the budget breakdown among the selected instruments and, at last, the definition of timing and planning of the same selected instruments. Observing the objective complexity of the variables that influence the communication mix choices, usually also interacting with the modalities of performance of the decisional processes, some structured “guide-lines” are fixed; the “guide-lines” give the possibility to rationally and immediately analyse the characteristics of the various communication instruments, in particular in relation to the field of activity in which the company operates, to the stage of the product-brand life-cycle, to the cost of the various instruments both in absolute terms and for useful contact, to the various ability of the instruments to focus itself on the reference target and, at last, to the prevailing communication objectives and the time necessary in order to pursue them by means of the various communication instruments.