Innovazione scientifica e innovazione imprenditoriale nel settore farmaceutico

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The pharmaceutical sector is facing a profound transformation. Several factors contributed to this process, in primis the molecular biology revolution that now requires massive investment in research&development. In this context, pharmaceutical enterprises are required to test new strategies, searching for new ways to innovate. Scientific innovation in this sector is acting as an engine for a process of entrepreneurial innovation, looking for strategic and managerial solutions that enable enterprises to meet the challenges of the XXI century. In this perspective, the experience of the pharmaceutical industry can strongly contribute to the recent debate on public-private relationships. The progressive fracture between markets’ size, on the one hand, and States’ action, on the other, requires a critical reflection on the opportunity to renew the studies on industrial policy, research and innovation policy, as well as the traditional theory of the firm. The article aims at studying this process, paying particular attention to the European experience. In Europe, in fact, the coincidence between the crisis of competitiveness of the EU pharmaceutical industry and the crisis of national States’ action requires the search for institutional arrangements and innovative business models that can synergically support the economic and industrial development, thus renewing the public-private relationship.