[ARTICOLO] Li, L., Lin, Y. L., Zheng, N. N., Wang, F. Y., Liu, Y., Cao, D., ... & Huang, W. L. (2018). Artificial intelligence test: a case study of intelligent vehicles. Artificial Intelligence Review, Vol. 50, No. 3, pp. 441-465

To meet the urgent requirement of reliable artificial intelligence applications, Authors discuss the tight link between artificial intelligence and intelligence test in this study. Thus, they highlight the role of tasks in intelligence test for all kinds of artificial intelligence. As a matter of fact, Authors explain the necessity and difficulty of describing tasks for intelligence test, checking all the tasks that may encounter in intelligence test, designing simulation-based test, and setting appropriate test performance evaluation indices. As an example, they present how to design reliable intelligence test for intelligent vehicles. Finally, a discussion on future research directions of intelligence test is given. The originality of this study is to go over the common definition of artificial intelligence, contributing in the theoretical framework of this topic.

May 2019