[ARTICOLO] Conz, E., & Magnani, G. (2020). A dynamic perspective on the resilience of firms: A systematic literature review and a framework for future research. European Management Journal, 38(3), pp. 400-412.

This study aims to answer the following research question: How is the resilience of firms defined in the business and management field? In doing so, the authors answer recent calls for research about a more thorough conceptualisation of the resilience of firms and its definition. They conducted a systematic literature review of 66 selected papers published between 2000 and 2017. By means of inductive content analysis, the authors analyse the definitions of ‘resilience’ and elaborate a novel conceptual framework that introduces a dynamic perspective on the resilience of firms. The proposed framework overcomes existing definitional fragmentation and raises awareness of the temporal dimension in the conceptualisation of the resilience of firms. They contribute to extant business and management literature on the resilience of firms by proposing a model that articulates two main paths for explaining organisational resilience, i.e. absorptive resilience and adaptive resilience paths. They also identify a set of key capabilities needed to be successfully resilient at the different stages of the two paths.

April 2021