[ARTICOLO] Dagnino, G. B., Picone, P. M., & Ferrigno, G. (2021). Temporary Competitive Advantage: A State‐of‐the‐Art Literature Review and Research Directions. International Journal of Management Reviews, 23(1),pp. 85-115.

In many industries, the traditional sources of competitive advantage tend to evaporate fairly rapidly. Therefore, managers need to continually rethink and reformulate their firm strategies. Likewise, scholars have felt compelled to shift the traditional centre of attention from competitive advantage that is sustainable over time to a focus on how firms compete by achieving a series of temporary advantages. However, the proliferation of research on temporary competitive advantage, far from building a solid body of literature, has produced a series of fragmented studies. This condition calls for detecting the state of knowledge in this realm of strategic inquiry. By leveraging the present status of the literature on temporary competitive advantage, we offer a conceptual map of the current inquiry of the antecedents, management, and consequences of temporary competitive advantage. Then, the authors identify the key implications for strategy theory and discuss the major challenges for cultivating fertile territories in this intriguing area of research.

April 2021