Dai modelli lineari di business alla piattaforma di progettazione e manifattura. Gli effetti delle tecnologie additive sulla logica di creazione del valore delle imprese manifatturiere

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The aim of this article is to analyze the effects of the implementation of additive technologies in the business models of manufacturing companies. In summary, additive technologies influence all the business model components, producing destructive effects of linear models, with the generation of technology platform-based business models. The value creating logic of the focal enterprise changes and becomes value co-creation with the end user, whose role is no longer limited to the co-configuration of the modular product or to co-distribution.

This article also discusses about the roles that customer and focal company are likely to play in business ecosystems in the immediate future, and the relationship between co-creation with the customer and open innovation with customer. The synthesis reached is consistent with the scenario that is emerging with the democratization of digital technologies that seems to suggest new solutions for the division of labor between producers and customers.