L'impatto competitivo delle tecnologie wireless nei processi aziendali

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This article concerns the innovative impact due to the introduction of wireless technologies in business processes. Its aim is to consider the maintenance of the competitive advantage gained by the companies from the use of wireless.
In this paper, five business experiences showing the application of wireless technologies in the business to business are described. From the examination it results that wireless technologies establish two levels of benefit.
The first one is represented by cost reduction, increase of effectiveness in manufacture, higher productivity of human resources, etc. These benefits come from the use of standardized wireless systems proposed by the suppliers and they are going to develop in competitors by the use of these technologies.
The other level of benefit is represented by the innovations which can modify the value proposition, the market area, the client relations. These benefits come from the integration of wireless technologies in a specific system of resources and competences. In this innovative process the wireless technologies represent just one of the many factors which help to generate innovation, but they are a very important lever in the competitiveness research. For this reason, the consequent competitive advantage is not easily imitable.