Curating Corporate Social Responsibility. The MoMA brought to Berlin by Deutsche Bank seen as marketing strategy

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a multisided, even chameleonic concept concerning stakeholders as well as shareholders. In this paper (unlike many ethical papers) CSR is presented as a marketing strategy (Liebl, 2002) to increase and optimize reputation, brand identity and stakeholder-communication. CSR communicates values and identity of a corporation to improve the perception of stakeholders, clients, consumers or last but not least employees.
As an example to illustrate CSR in terms of cultural sponsoring the 2004 exhibition of the ‘Museum of Modern Art’ (MoMA) in Berlin, sponsored by ‘Deutsche Bank’ will be chosen because the ‘Deutsche Bank’ as an international investment bank as well as a local bank for private customers participates in the global competition of financial markets and serves as a local bank for local companies and private customers.
The paper juxtaposes the two strategies and asks whether they are congruent and consistent. To construct this juxtaposition it is helpful to confront the moral CSR point of view with the marketing strategy point of view.