Impresa Progetto ad AIDEA 2019

In occasione del Convegno AIDEA di Torino, Impresa Progetto promuove un incontro tra Gianfranco Rusconi e quanti interessati al tema "Etica e business: un ponte tra stakeholder theori(es) e teoria dei sistemi aziendali".
L'incontro avrà luogo giovedì 12 settembre 2019 dalle ore 11.00 alle 12.00,
L'idea è quella di prendere spunto da un recente paper di Rusconi stesso - (2019) "Ethical Firm System and Stakeholder Management Theories: A Possible Convergence", European Management Review, 16 (1), 147-166 - per uno scambio di idee, in vista anche di un'eventuale raccolta di contributi da far confluire in uno Special Issue della Rivista.

Riflessioni sulle scienze manageriali nell'era dell'"Industria 4.0"

On issue: 

Industry 4.0 is commonly considered the "Fourth industrial revolution" in manufacturing and, more generally, in the economic systems. Industry 4.0 is a result of a mix of technological innovations (robots, digital systems, 3D-printers, simulation models, augmented reality and so on) that make possible the real-time interconnectivity among different processes, firms and supply chains. Despite the considerable attention awarded to this theme, the potential impact of the new paradigm of Industry 4.0 on the traditional managerial studies have not been sufficiently highlighted. Starting from this premise, the present paper tries to bridge this gap, providing an academic dissertation about the Industry 4.0 issues and their relationship between the most important theoretical frameworks in the managerial science (e.g. economies of scale, services/manufacturing, globalization strategies, networks). This contribution presents some valuable research implications mainly useful for researchers and academics, but also for professionals and public makers.