The 2017 SIM Doctoral & Research Colloquium

Bologna (Italy) - Lunedì, 10 Aprile, 2017 - 23:45

The 2017 SIM (Società Italiana Marketing) Doctoral & Research Colloquium will be held in Bologna, 28 - 30 May 2017.

The SIM D.&R. Colloquium aims to provide doctoral students and young researchers from Italy and Europe a place to meet and discuss their dissertation research with leading academics in the field of marketing, as well as meet fellow doctoral students.
A wide range of topics in the marketing domain and various methodological approaches are housed. Students in an advanced stage of their PhD program, and young researchers in an early stage of their career are encouraged to apply.
During the SIM D.&R. Colloquium participants will present their work to a panel of renowned experts in the field and to fellow students in order to receive comments and insights that could be extremely useful to substantially improve the research idea or the methodology used. More specifically, each participant will be paired with another. Each “couple” will be asked to provide each other feedback on their work. Each participant will be also associated to an academic expert that will review his/her work.
The SIM D.&R. Colloquium is held in a cooperative, open and friendly atmosphere and is intended to be not only a source of scientific inspiration, but also a social event with opportunities to get to know academics, doctoral students, and young researchers from different institutions.

Admission will be based on a competitive process as the colloquium will be limited to 12 participants, 6 Italian and 6 European. Selection criteria will be the following:
- clarity and relevance of the contribution of the research proposal
- quality and comprehensiveness of the theoretical framework
- overall clarity of the presentation of the research proposal.

Papers submissions close: April 10th 2017

For further information, please see the attached file.

Febbraio 2017